Just an update - 08/15/2005

As of a couple of weeks now I have been working hard to get car, bike, and computers to a decent level before the winter when laziness sets in. Replaced shocks,springs and front rotors on the car. Some other minor preventive maintenance is needed. Bike got a new rear tire, front and rear sprockets 14 teeth / 41 teeth ratio, new chain, and 6000 mile service, which included a lot of stuff like iridium spark plugs. As for the computers they have been a constant project and this time around I have been focusing on security, reliability and redundancy. In the process of isolating key services from the firewall/router and moving that to OpenBSD. Also working on a new backup process that will back up key things to all systems on my network not just to goliath which is my raid 5 file server.

Testing the system! - 07/31/2005

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